About Holistic Hosting

Holistic Hosting has been serving businesses in Australia and throughout the world (based in Australia) since 2003. We host hundreds of high-quality websites and business platforms for ethical and aware businesses each year.

Holistic Hosting is an Australian business offering Website Hosting and Domain Names to the Healing, Creative & Performing Arts, Eco-friendly Companies and Conscious Businesses.

We offer an exceptional website hosting service with fully featured hosting packages at a highly competitive rate.

Holistic Hosting is designed to give you features to enhance the effectiveness of your website. You also receive personal service and email tech support.

Holistic Hosting is a certified reseller of domain names through Enetica (the first fully accredited .au name registrar.) Enetica is now ICANN, auDA and .nz accredited and has over 600 partners alone 90,000 domain registrations. Holistic Hosting has been supporting customers since 2003.

Holistic Hosting is run by Tila Clark with technical support from Vibodha Clark who has been designing websites since 1995! (When it all began!)


"We created Holistic Hosting out of a desire to further support Conscious Businesses including the Healing, Creative and Performing Arts, especially here in Australia. It is important to give conscious businesses the support they need. Internet back-up is paramount for people who are making a difference in the world."

~ Tila Clark, Holistic Hosting




Originally created for clients of Uplift Design, Holistic Hosting offers website hosting packages to any Australian business in the Healing and Creative Arts, Performing arts and other friends of the Earth.

For instance: therapists, artists, healing centres, midwives, festivals, meditation centres, massage therapists, bodyworkers, retreat organisers, organics, studios, healers, psychics, performers, musicians, drummers, natural clothing sellers, woodworkers, dancers, institutes, magazines, etc.

Our office is located in Denmark, Western Australia with our managed servers securely located in Sydney. All of our hardware is 100% Australian, and the Holistic Hosting office in WA runs on 100% green energy supplied by Synergy.

Our aim is to offer the best possible website hosting service for creators, innovators, healers, artists, therapists, meditators, musicians and other friends of a conscious earth.


Contact us with any questions you may have. We're happy to assist you to get the best domain name for you!